"A watched pot never boils!" You might not be interested in archaic folk expressions as you waddle from room to room, but do your best to stop waiting for labor. The harder you wait the longer it takes. Find other productive things to do with your time instead. Write to friends, organize your list of addresses for your Christmas cards, create a scrapbook, and fill in the first few pages of the baby book. If you can, stop waiting while you do physical jobs like cleaning out the closets or clearing off the bookshelves. The more you move (more...)
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Moving around inside your house is great, but moving around outside your house is even better. Depending on the conditions outside, get yourself dressed and head out the door. Take long strolls through the neighborhood, or drive to a place where you can do a gentle hike. Just know that walking helps with labor in some cases, so don't walk too far. Soak up some sunshine and get plenty of fresh air. Relaxation and exercise is good for both of you. (more...)
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Some mothers are more capable than others of getting back into the kitchen when they are ready to cook. If you like to make meals for your family, use this time to make plenty of frozen meals. You can cook all kinds of yummy soups and casseroles to freeze. You might as well make some treats to freeze, too. Label everything and get it organized. Then, when you do come home from the hospital, dinner will be a quick pop into the oven away. Go Window Shopping (more...)
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We are almost comical with our hope and faith put into our due dates. As the magical day appears we hold our breath just waiting for labor to begin. It hardly matters that only 8 percent of women actually deliver on their due date – that date is something we look at carefully, even if we try not to. But if you're like most women, especially those having their first babies, that due date is simply going, going, gone and you're left large, uncomfortable and still very much pregnant. Now what? (more...)
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Now those of us who have been around the pregnancy circus for a while know all about dropping. Unfortunately a friend of mine pregnant with her first did not and was panicked for more than a day before she figured out what it meant to "drop" and that it wasn't a dire situation. Dropping is when the baby makes it into the pelvis making your tummy visibly lower on your midsection and making it harder to walk. This is when you start to waddle. Since the tummy gets bigger before it drops, it can look noticeably different from day to day.  (more...)
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Okay, I'll admit this one isn't really that bothersome to me. I thought it was hilarious and made a game of how many people would ask me if I was having twins during my second pregnancy. I was batting 1000 the entire last month of pregnancy with at least one twin question per day for more than thirty days. Of course my second son came out at more than 12 pounds so the questions were justified and I knew it.

If I was worried about my weight during pregnancy or the stretch marks cheerfully taking up permanent residence over the (more...)

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This one tends to be between women, but men are out there, too, who want to know things that aren't their business. The healthy amounts of weight to gain are published everywhere in pregnancy materials, and if you happen to gain less than 25 or more than 35 pounds during your pregnancy, the whole world seems to be concerned – personal circumstances be damned. Add to this the general perception of how it should be according to each individual. This is usually based on a woman's own pregnancy or the pregnancy of a love one. Even if you've gained  (more...)
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